A Day at the Ranch

February 09, 2016

Normally we plan out the days at the ranch starting early in the morning before the staff arrives at 7:15 am.  It is kind of a joke because it usually does not work out as we plan it.  Something always changes.  Last week the staff and the teachers all arrived, but no bus.  No problem, because a child was late or a minor mishap on the way down.  But Ruben 2 is never late.  At 7:30 am I get the call.  The bus is somewhere between the ranch and Ojos Negros with a blown head gasket.  No problem we get the kids, install a new head gasket, get the bus back to the ranch, take the kids home at 2 pm.  Four cars race out of the ranch to find the stranded kids and get them to school.  Luckily a safe place was available to pull off the road and park the bus.  There was also room to park the 4 cars!  Soon a suburban, a pickup truck, a jeep and a 4 door sedan were overfilled to capacity and the kids were returned safely to the ranch.

Ruben 1 and Ruben 2 head out to find a repair shop that has room to park a bus and time to do the repair.  Praise the Lord a shop was found.  The next job was easier, to find a heavy duty tow truck for a 60 passenger bus.  Job accomplished.  The bus is towed and arrives at the repair shop.  The bad news is the engine is worse than originally thought.  We need a new engine!  Searching all of Ensenada no engine can be found.  One is found in California, but that will take “forever” to import across the border and we have kids that need to get to school.

Offers like:

  • we can get an old block and take the parts out of the bus and put into the used block
  • we can put a different size engine in the bus
  • we can take weeks getting something from out of the country.

These just don’t have sound judgement.  Finally the junk yard guy offers his engine out of his tow truck!  A battery was found for the tow truck, diesel fuel was placed into the out of service tow truck and it started.  Ruben determines this engine is worth a go.  The engine started immediately and it does not smoke badly.  Of course the price went up as soon as the engine started!  And it is the same engine as the bus!

It has been two days and we are currently waiting for the engine to be taken out of the tow truck at the junk yard and transported over to the guys at the repair shop.  But it is Saturday and everyone only works half days on Saturday and not on Sunday.  The repair shop guys should be taking the engine out of the bus.  So on Monday we pray for the engine swap.  Monday morning Susan will be driving the teachers, who arrive at the ranch at 7:15, to Ojos Negros for school at Pastor Oscars church at 8 am.  Don will drive Elizabeth the cook soon after with breakfast and lunch for the day.  Ruben 1 will drop off his wife and Homero at the ranch and return to monitor the engine exchange.  So that is the plan for Monday.  And of course everything always goes according to plan.  God is good and Don and Susan are learning flexibility and patience.  How are your days going?  How is your trust in Jesus?