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Carolyn Koons

Chief Executive Director

17-years-old and a new Christian, Carolyn went on a mission trip with her church youth group. Being 200 miles south of the US border, she had a life-changing experience which propelled her into a path of ministry and missions.

She then continued her education at Azusa Pacific University and eventually became a Professor of Christian Education and leadership training at APU. Carolyn created the “Institute for Outreach Ministries” at the university which has taken thousands of High School students, college students, and adults from churches throughout the USA and Canada on missions trips into Mexico and throughout the world.

Carolyn had a vision to establish a full-time center in Mexico for missions, outreach, leadership training and education, where ministry could happen year-round for churches throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. In 1998, she led the purchase and founding of “Rancho el Refugio,” a beautiful 17-acre ranch outside of Ensenada, with a view of the ocean and only 65 miles south of Tijuana.

Through the commitment of churches, ministries, and passionate individuals, Rancho el Refugio is a stunning and thriving center for ministry today.