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It all started with a vision.

Carolyn Koons had a vision to develop a year-round, in-country Mexico Outreach center to house mission teams as they came to serve in the area. This also would be made available for conferences and retreats. In 1998, this became a reality in Rancho el Refugio (“The Ranch”). 

Over the past 20+ years since its inception, The Ranch has grown to include a grade school for local children, conference facility for 300 participants, accomodations to house 100 overnight, a campground to hold 500+ campers, plus other amenities like a commercial kitchen.

US & Canadian Team

Carolyn Koonz

Carolyn Koons
Chief Executive

Brian McPike
Brian McPike
& Treasurer
Jonathan Dean Pic
Jonathan Dean
Vice President &
Legal Relations
Tim Paul
Tim Pauls
Secretary &
Canadian Coordinator
Dr. Tim Parker
Board Member

Mexican Team

Ricardo & Erika Green
Rancho el Refugio
Luis Bayardo
Ministry Director,
Rancho el Refugio