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The stories behind The Ranch.


Maximizing our mission.

“Our local partnerships in Ensenada understand that the work we do in one week takes more than sending a team. They work with our leaders to identify specific local needs by planning ways to maximize our efforts before and after our time together. This ensures that there are individuals available to follow up with any people we may have spiritual conversations with and a local church with which they can connect should they choose to accept Jesus as their savior or desire to learn more. On our team’s end, we’re able to prepare and plan ways to support the community and the local pastors through needs identified by the local team to ensure that we bring the right trainings and materials to support.”


What a view!

“Staying at Rancho El Refugio was a wonderful experience. It is truly a ranch of refuge. Whenever you go outside, you encounter breathtaking views of the mountains that surround the property. The sunsets are incredible, and a beautiful fog covers The Ranch in the mornings. One thing I love most about the ranch is the architecture of the buildings. The structures on the property have a significant Spanish influence creating a notably warm atmosphere. While at the Ranch, I served on a mission trip through my local church. Throughout the day we were busy serving in the heart of Ensenada, helping in Rehab Centers, teaching kids about God’s love through a Vacation Bible School, and much more. I can’t wait for the day I come back to The Ranch!”


Short-term trip; lifetime impact.

“Rancho El Refugio holds a very special place in my heart. Whenever our team serves on a mission trip in Ensenada, we clearly see evidence of God working through us. One of my favorite activities is putting on a fiesta for the community after church on Sunday at Bella Vista Park. We connect with people from the community while providing fun activities and serving a meal. A few years ago, I met a young girl who quickly became my little friend for the week. When I returned this past year, she remembered me, running to give me a big hug. We now have a friendship beyond our time in the park and stay connected through Facebook. Even though the time we spend with people in the community are for short mission trips, the impact we have on each other’s lives lasts a lifetime.”


Over 20 years of partnership.

“During the time my mission team served in Mexico, we stayed at Rancho el Refugio. We used it as a home base for the ministries we took part in while in Ensenada. My church has partnered with Pastor Montoya’s Bible School and Iglesia Getsemani Church for over 20 years. Our team ministered in many ways including leading Bible studies at the school, evangelism, and building relationships with this community. In several local Rehab Centers, we shared the Gospel, our personal testimonies, scripture and prayer. We also spent time with the Kumiai Indians on their reservation and delivered delivered baskets of food to them and prayed with them. The Ranch was our refuge after long days of serving. It gave us a place to be refreshed and enjoy fellowship time together.”


Life abundant, here on earth.

“When I went on a mission trip to Mexico, it was at a time in my life I thought everything was perfect. So, I had the attitude that I was going on this trip to do God’s work. Little did I know, God had a plan to work in me, too. You see, I had a relationship with Jesus. But not at that deep, intimate level He desires to have with me. I longed to be with God in heaven to experience the joy of eternity with Him. But what I did not understand is that when Christ died for my sins, he wanted me to experience life abundant on earth right now! When this clicked for me, my joy for living for Christ became unstoppable. I’ll never forget the day I was praying with a group of people at the Ranch. I cried as my whole body could feel the presence of God with me. When I returned home from Mexico, I took this new-found joy and spread it to everyone I could! One story from my time in Mexico that I want to share is when I saw a homeless man on the street that I felt the Holy Spirit say “Go, over there and share My love with him.” And I did! The guy was currently struggling with alcohol addiction and had left his family. He started to cry when I shared the Gospel with him. I told him that Jesus loves him despite his addiction. And he accepted Jesus as his Savior right then! He was reunited with his family and joined a rehabilitation group. Praise the Lord! This mission trip was an amazing time where I learned so much about my relationship with Jesus and had such joy in sharing His love with the people who so desperately needed it.”