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The facilities at Rancho el Refugio provide safe and up-to-date accomodations for all sizes of ministry teams and events. Also you will find a large outdoor amphitheater and fire pit surrounded with benches.

Housing Options

The Hacienda

This beautiful house has everything you need for a pleasant stay. Includes 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and a large dining & living room area. Beautiful views of the Ranch’s landscape, surrounding mountains and the ocean from this house’s deck.

Capacity: 22 people


La Quinta

The Ranch’s newest two-story housing facility is LaQuinta. It has 5 bedrooms (all having their own bathrooms). Includes a beautiful living room, new kitchen, plus an extra-large dining room with magnificent views of the northern mountain range. Laundry facilities, too!

Capacity: 24 people


The Bridge House

Located above the staff house, this housing option offers breathtaking views of the ocean from its living room and deck. Includes 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen, and a large dining & living room area.

Capacity: 14 people.


Bunk Rooms

These three bedrooms with bunkbeds are conveniently located as part of The Barn. Also included in this area are 2.5 bathrooms.

Capacity: 33 people

Tent City

Do you still like to “rough it”? At Tent City you can build a small neighborhood or an entire city by setting up your tents in an outstanding flat area to accommodate your outdoorsy experience. Capacity: 500+ tents

The Barn



This is the main indoor gathering place at The Ranch which can hold up to 800+ people and is used for numerous activities including dining, indoor chapels, conferences, special events, weddings, basketball, etc. It has a fully operational stage with sound and lighting. A commercial kitchen is also attached to provide for team meals, conference meals and special banquets.

Coffee Shop

Better known as El Café, this is a favorite hang-out spot on the Ranch. It offers the ideal space for small meetings, to read and relax, or just enjoy a good cup of coffee while listening to relaxing music and taking in the beautiful view.

Game Room

If you’re looking for a fun time, either a fuzzball game, air hockey, numerous board game challenges, or a ping pong competition…the Game Room is the right place for you and your team to hangout.


The Barn “Chapel” is a beautiful high ceiling room surrounded by scenic windows that can be used for your indoor chapels, leadership meeting, etc. The Barn Chapel can hold up to 80 people.

Bunk Rooms

These three bedrooms with bunkbeds are conveniently located as part of The Barn. Each bedroom holds a capacity for 11 people. Also include in this area are 2.5 bathrooms.

Outdoor features

Sit, relax, take it all in.
Solo or with friends.

There are areas all over the Ranch where you can sit and take in the beautiful view. If you are in the mood to read, pray, meditate or talk with someone, there are perfect spots for that, too. Your team can share a cozy evening together in the fire pit area, singing and roasting marshmallows. Or, go bigger in our bonfire area!

Add some mountains
to your gathering.

This large outdoor amphitheater is more commonly referred to as “The Ruins”. Located on the hill above Tent City with a stunning view of the mountain range all the way to the ocean. Equipped with a full stage, lighting and sound system. The ideal location for outdoor small and large group chapel time, concerts, and special events.

The big picture of The Ranch