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Dr. Tim Parker

Board Member

Tim earned his bachelor’s degree in Business from the University of Phoenix which led to a successful career in business management. Tim continued his education receiving his Masters and Doctoral Degree from Midwest Theological University. In 2010, Tim had a life-changing experience by going to Haiti on a mission trip following a devastating earthquake that killed thousands in Haiti. Through this experience, Tim felt called to full-time missions work. In 2015, Tim reconnected with Rancho el Refugio Founder Carolyn Koons and was introduced to Mexico Outreach. In 2019, Tim brought Heather to the Ranch on a mission trip where they fell in love. In 2020, Tim and Heather were married. Both Tim and Heather have a passion for those struggling with the grip of drug and alcohol addiction. Tim is a pastor, missionary, author and Executive Director of Set Free Center. He is Board Certified as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Certified Pastoral Counselor and Master Life Coach.